Social Distribution. How Does It Work?

Social Investors

Yes, it has arrived. Social Media Data Mining, analytics and research all coming from the behaviours of social media users. But don't discount its credibilty. This is an opportunity to influence, interact and communicate.

ABN Newswire syndicates instantly on Social Media with our Metadata Engine™, providing meaningful interaction with this rising phenomena.

On Every Desktop

Social Media is pervasive, instant, and integrated on every new electronic communications device from phones to PCs

Say it in 140 Characters

That is all your need to get attention, a great headline, and a link for investors to follow you.

Multi-Media Options

All social media platforms need content, pictures and video. Why not tell your story? We support Social Postings in text, graphics and video.

Social Investors

The statistics are in. 57% of Millionaires use social media to research opportunites. See the chart here.

The Discussion

It is about the Buzz, the discussion, the influence. Be the voice that tells, rather than hearing what others are saying about you.

Frequent Updates

The fastest way to communicate simple messages of value, in a world where a pop-up notification is being "in the know".



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