If you are reaching an Audience in another language, consider a multilanguage news page for your website. ABN Newswire hosts the investor relations section of your website, and places translated news directly into your website. There is no maintenance involved, we simply integrate the alternate language information directly into your current website design. Simple! All translations are served from our multilanguage digital technology platform. ABN Newswire has accredited translators in 13 languages, we do not use machine translation, and all translators have subject matter experience relevant to the information being translated. We service a number of public companies with multiple language versions of their corporate news.

multilanguage ir website


ABN Newswire news distribution differs significantly from our perceived competitors, because our methodology is to publish your news as widely as possible. ABN Newswire is not trying to be the "go-to" website for equity news, rather, we want your news on as many publishing platforms as possible giving you the widest reach and the most discoverability. Whether it is "green screens", "websites", "multimedia emails", "mobile friendly" or "social media savy", we get it, and we pass that capability to our clients.

Key Benefits

  • Keep Offshore Investors Engaged with your Company

  • Transparency and Compliance with Regulatory Authorities in Other Countries

  • Provide a Wider Reach to Non-English Speaking Investors

  • Qualify your Presence in Another Country with Local Translations

  • Integrate Foreign Language News Directly into your Website

  • Distribute Non-English news to Foreign Media & Financial News Systems